Sunday, 28 June 2009

Just my triceps...haha

Tesco ? really?


OPen your arms And SMILe!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My laptop background image at the time i enter the contest

This decoration was inspired by the image above.

Camo Nails Green,Pink

A lot of people ask me on the youtube ,how i did the camo, army nails so i post a video tutorial explaining how i did the nails.
And i also tryed the pink camo.

My boyfriend (Sercout, youtube channel about: shooting) was the one that give me the idea of reproducing camo on nails and i just love the result ;)

Toes and fingernails Nail Decoration!

Well the toes decoration was a smart request from modelsenvy2.
I say smart because i didn´t had any video of toes decoration.. so i decided to try.
And this was what came out, i just love it!!!
It´s summer time yeahh!!!
The rhinestones give a beautiful touch :)
My fingernails... i was trying some nail polish two ways that i receive from my half and i just decided to try the "happy lines from MayParis video" (nail guru on youtube my inspiration on my beginning as a guru also).

Flower and Waves Nails Decor

1┬║Waves designed with the help of a toespick.

2┬║ Decoration designed with two way nail polish.