Saturday, 28 August 2010

Visit to Scotland

Helloooo everybody!... lol
This is a video that my Fiance did for is You Tube Channel.
This is to remember the great time that we spent with some of our
family members. They came a  week to visit Scotland and to know a bit more about the Beautiful country that we decided to live and work.
The tidy country,
the green grasse,
the castles,
the amazing landskapes,
all the rabbits, pigeons, crows, and so many other 'game'.animals,
plus it was a beautiful sun all week, they didn´t had the opportunity of knowing "the real
weather of Scotland"
I'm just glad they liked because so Do I.

By the end of the week we did 2700 klm driving between Glasgow to Inverness.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Flower Moment :)

Sun in Scotland

Sun in Scotland
I know there´s not a lot here in Scotland but once in a while the sun will come out  and give you a
beautiful day like this.
Loving Scotland more and more :)