Saturday, 25 September 2010

Testing Rimmel Colour

Stairs a Different Vision

Boring Stairs TO Fashionable Stairs ( before&after)

Before was just this boring 16 black stairs..... was a  long hard working journey to get this trendy, fabulous, fashionable stairs!

It took me a lots of time and pacience to stripe and sand the stairs to bring the wood back to the glourious days!!!
The mirror in a roll became a clever idea because there´s not a lot of natural light´s kind a dark actually;...  this way everything reflects creating more space. :)
I could say it´s my Stairs of Fame! haha..

My fiance help aswell he did the part of applying a medium oak varnish to the wood.( he add 3 layers to achieve this marvelous finish.) And also choose the beautiful wallpaper that you see in the photo.

Really happy with the final result.
Stairs improvement Complete!

My Modeling Journey * Portugal

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Rainbow Nails « Simple Design

This is a simple way of having your nail design
for longer.
Just avoid strong colours in the tip of your nails add a glitter polish to
give a more beautiful finish.This way when the nail polish start breaking you can
still wear it for longer because the design is all there.
And you can always add another coat of clear polish, to 
keep everything in place ;)