Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Coral Nails Decor

This is the first video tutorial for my video My Summer Nails.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Fresh designs 4 Summer Nails

Simple Nails transformed into Psychedelic!

Background on My You Tube Channel

To add text and effects in this photo i used  Photoshop.

French Manicure With Glamour

My review on Nail Art Pen Sally Hansen Silver

Ok, so i tried the Sally Hansen Nail Art pen (i win the pen in a youtube contest hosted by RMBranchett)
and it wasn´t really what i was expecting... it´s the silver one (third counting from right to left)
I thought it was like a marker.. but actually is like a marker that the color is fading.. with the silver(i don´t know about the other colours..) you need  to go over several times so you can see well the color...
i tried..

Nails, nails decor ,decor

Mesh texture In NAILS!!! How Cool!

Half (simple) Butterfly Nail decor

Nail Decor 5in1 Must see