Sunday, 24 January 2010

My engaged ring (and nails)!!..

And the good news are that i'm engaged!

..::New Year Decoration 3::..Butterfly

This was my decoration, i call it french with butterfly. Just to let you now it's not black that i'm using it's a really deep purple from Maybline Profissional.

..::New Year Decoration 2::..glittery french

This decoration was inspired by the 'Half Buterfly' design it always starts with a simple french manicure, but this time i add some swirls and the glitter :)

Indian nail decor

This was a design that if already did.. i only give it a twist in some parts of the design and used this light pink purplish to be more soft and add some glitter (New Year)

Switzerland soo Beautiful :)

Hi everyone, just to share with you a picture of beautiful Switzerland.Great holidays, great landscape, lots and lots of snow :) In the next pictures that all be posting, all share with you the nail designs that i did there hope you enjoy! :D