Thursday, 29 September 2011

WOW Halloween Make-up for 2011

Bad Girl ?

                                                                     Good Girl ?

Hello dear followers, i'm here and Halloween is just a month away!
So i decided to creat a make up, in case i decide to celebrate... no alcohool this time lol..( big news all have to do another post :)
Last year i 'was' a vampire, this year .. who knows??

This was my inspiration yesterday evening. It took me a lot of time because at the time i didn't knew exactally what i wanted to do, and plus i was recording to post a video on my You Tube Main channel hehehe .. the batery died a couple of times .. so you can imagine . long hours.

Well this is the result, and if the laptop doesn't play any tricks on me by tomorrow all have the video uplouded :)))

Kiss *felicidadeprata*