Friday, 31 May 2013

Growing Cress on the Kitchen Window

 Day 2 to Day 7 

Saturday, 18 May 2013

D.I.Y. Recycling A Top


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Beyonce Mrs. Carter Show Highlights

My D.I.Y. Beyonce Top with Sasha Fierce
(and my wee man hand :))

My Nails

At London O2 Arena before the BIG EVENT 

Comfy Heels!!! To dance and also a good workout :D

We have the 'Run The World' & 'End Of Time' 

And we are In!!!!

At this point my ear already pop a few times, because everybody is hysterical !!! 
Including me i lost my voice a couple of times.
The energy was amazing!

Here's the opening !!! AAHHHHHH

One of my all time favourite 'Freakum Dress'!
Here's my footage with interlude before' Freakum Dress'

After singing '1+1' laying on the piano.
She "flies" over the fans!!!
I could see her so close her is my video

The photos doesn't make justice of HOW sparkling and glittering this outfit IS
absolutely stunning Mrs. Carter!

This is after 'Irreplaceable',' Love on Top', and when she goes back to the main stage it was the end of 'Survivor'.

The Line Up @ London O2 - 29-04-2013
Beyonce The Mrs. Carter Show, Tour 2013

 'Run the World (Girls)'
 'End of Time'
'Flaws and All'
 'If I Were a Boy' / 'Bittersweet Symphony'
'Get Me Bodied'
 'Baby Boy'
 'Naughty Girl'
 'Freakum Dress'
 'I Care'
 'I Miss You'
 'Schoolin' Life'
 'Why Don't You Love Me'
'Love on Top'
 'Countdown' (Interlude) I wanted her to sing the Full music :(
 'Crazy In Love'
 'Single Ladies'
 'I Will Always Love You' / 'Halo'
 'Green Light'/ Presenting Band Dancers The Mamas

The Mamas also sing a song but i don't remember were it fits in the line up

2h10 minutes it Was Incredible!!!!


Plane Ticket - £63.95
Mini Bus Ticket - £14.33
Two days travel card for Tube - £14.60 
Accommodation - £29.25
The Mrs. Carter Show Beyonce Pre sale Ticket Standing - £63.75
Food & Drinks - +/- £40

£225.88 aprox.
Money Well spent!!!