Sunday, 26 December 2010

Portuguese Pastry "Pasteis de Nata"

Thanks to You Tube nowadays you can do almost everything you could think off.
Just do a quick search and you will find what you need. 
This was our second atemped to do "Pasteis de Nata" a portuguese pastry that we miss a lot.
Here in Scotland you don´t fell tempted AT All with the traditional pastry actually to be honest it´s terrible.. my taste doesn´t appeciate the flavour.
That´s why it´s soo good when you find a good recipe and the result is beautifully tasty.
For your eyes and belly. :) 
not just for the eyes..

Warmests wishes in this Christmas!

Tip.. if you didn´t get what you want..
Just enjoy what you already HAVe! :D
Lovely Christmas to everyone!