Friday, 23 November 2012

Velvet/ Fluffy Nails Born Pretty Review

If you are the type of girl who likes to have a different style
 from the majority of the comum people, this product is for YOU!
I personally had to give it a try!


1 - Apply a base coat to protect your nails
2 - Choose a nail polish with a colour similar to your flocking powder, mine is light blue
3 - Decide how you gonna work your design or just apply nail polish a bit more them usual but don't let it dry 
4 - apply a BIG amount of flocking powder immediately (With the tweezers) 
5 - Use the brush to gently sweep off the excess

The contents of the package sent to me by Born Pretty Store:

 It  doesn't flake off, but you need to:
1- Let it dry very well!!!
2- Check if you applied evenly, 
so you can have the hole surface nicely covered to avoid bald spots!

If done correctly it can last 4 to 5 days, maybe more if you don't do household work!
(lucky you if you don't)
Also is a messy manicure, but so COOL and different :)
The excess flocking powder you just put it back in the container. 
No waste of product! :) 

You can wash your hands normally it won't come off !

Using fake nails to give you a view of what you can do with long nails.

A version for short natural nails like mine :)

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