Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My Sweet Baby

(While in my bed, almost getting up)

Every day, one of the first things that i do when i woke up is wearing my specs. 8D
(i can't see a thing at distance and it's automatic! I use specs since 9 years old)

But today i grab the phone to check the yoga pose for the day and .. without realising and
for my surprise, my son pick up the specs and gave it to me!!!

I was speechless! ...

(Considering the amount of things i had on my bedside table.. i'm still surprised he didn't went for other object ..  he literally loves to chew my watch and he's in discovery/curiosity mode.)
I feel happy to see he's awareness, and that mummy needs the specs.
He's growing fast, 14 months past...

I put the specs on, let go the phone and give him a Biiiiggggg sweet cuddle.

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