Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Naiden First Birthday Cake Homemade

Plenty chocolate ganache (frosting)
Chocolate peanuts (decoration) at this point i didn't knew where to use them for the decoration..

 4 carrot cakes (2 circles and 2 squares) work with thin chocolate layers and took them to the fridge to set

The top of the cake was a last minute idea using the initial of my baby name

                                   Square silver cake board and i use about 4 wooden dowels

                                             Cover the base with chocolate ganache

Marshmallows (decoration) i cut them in a half moon shape

                                    White piping icing (decoration) for the edges and i did use a fork to create texture but i didn't took pictures while doing it! But if you look closer to the photos you can see something :)


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